Boat ride

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Big gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride is the fourth episode of South Park


  • 13

    Kenny clearly as number 13

    When Kenny receives the punt, the announcer says that he is number 23. But the number on his jersey is 13.
  • The first two shots show the school with a football field, but in the third shot of the school, the football field is not there. In the fourth shot of the school, the football field is there again. According to the game, the field is on the right side of the school, though.
  • When you see Token sitting on the bleachers, his face appears to be like a white character but his hands are still black. This is in two places
  • There are two Butters watching football game: one of them is sitting with aliens, another sitting with Cartman's mother, Liane Cartman.
  • There are two Bebes watching the game.
  • Bebe has a different mother in this episode.
  • After Kyle scores a touchdown, one of the announcers exclaims "I haven't seen a Jew run like that since Poland, 1938." This is a reference to Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland, which actually occured in 1939.
  • When everyone is jumping, a person wearing a shirt with a cow on it can be seen jumping; the person is jumping, but the cow picture stays in place.