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Cartman Gets an Anal Probe is the shortened version of The Unaired Pilot.


  • The stars in the background change 2 times when Cartman is tied to the trees.
  • Kenny's eyes come out his parka when Stan asks Cartman if "those visitors the same you saw"
  • When Kyle shouts "COME DOWN HERE YOU STINKING ALIENS!" he has Stan's voice.
  • In one little frame, the visitor's ship if falling apart, just before Kenny is shot.
  • Red is in two places in the classroom.
  • Mr Hat has no eyes in this episode.
  • When Pip is on fire, the caption says he's a girl.
  • Pink ear

    Officer Barbrady's pink ear.

    Officer Barbrady's left ear turns pink when he is dancing.
  • On the Bus, Bebe and Rebecca have no mouths, they then dissappear and reappear later.
  • Two kids in the cafeteria line dissappear.
  • Straight after when Ms. Crabtree says "Well yes they certaintly do" her bird dissappears.
  • The parka's laces aren't there in the opening scene.
  • Lots of children appear when Kyle runs down the bus.
  • The boy that Jason sits next too changes when Wendy comes up.
  • When Chef comes from the cafeteria counter, Kyle's hat flaps move.