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Random NotesEdit

This episode heavily parodied horror films, such as Pyscho, Paranormal Activity and many more.

The episode focused on Butters, the boys didn't have a single speaking line.


City fight

Tuong Lu Kim inside City Sushi

Butters is found to have MPD. A new Japanese sushi place City Sushi is built next to City Wok.


  • In the press release from South Park Studios, part of the description (or synopsis) of the episode was given as, "the boys want to help Butters find out what's really happening to him but Butters may not like what they find". However, this could've been changed from the episode of South Park Studios kept it the same.
  • The medical term for Multiple Personality Disorder is actually Dissociative identity disorder, however Dr. Janus refers to it as MPD.
  • When Mr Mackey is addressing the school at the Asian Diversity assembly, many children can be seen twice or more in the crowd, as well as some alternate versions of characters, which you can see in the picture below:

Repeated City Sushi