Random episode infoEdit


There is new kid, Damien (Thorn). He is the son of the devil. Cartman has a birthday party on Saturday.


  • Stan gives Cartman a Blue Megaman. Stan was suppost to get him a Green Megaman.
  • Ms. Cartman who is supervising the party is watching the fight.
  • When Jimbo sees Kenny, Token is white.
  • When Damien is angry all the things are in two places at once.
  • Clyde goof

    The mouth goof

    Craig's mouth is too far to the left in recess.
  • Butters' scream is a girl's.
  • Damien's head isn't connected properly in the scene where jesus comes.

Subliminal MessagesEdit

  • Mr hankey the sailor
    Mr Hankey as a sailor flies past.