Random film infoEdit

  • This is an updated version of Rear Window.
  • The dead body that Kale looks at on the computer is a picture of a real dead body.


Kale's dad has died in a car crash. In a spanish lesson, the teacher asks "What would your dad think" making Kale punch him. As a result Kale gets an asbo, and can't get out of his house. Later, the Greenwood kids put dog shit on Kale's lawn and Kale swears revenge. While watching his neighbours, Kale discovers that his neighbor has the exact same car as a reported MURDERER and even has the smash.


  • In one of the scenes where Ashley looks through the binoculars, she looks through the large side, which makes everything smaller.
  • When Ronnie is told he must come out the car, the device he used to break in has disappeared.
  • When Kale finds the secret hatch on video, there is a corpse's head you can see in there. When Kale looks in there, the head has moved.