Imaginationland II



Cartman is thrilled that Kyle will suck his balls, but Kyle and Stan must go and help Imaginationland. Gizmo comes out of hiding behind the Comedy Central logo.


  • Al Gore said that ManBearPig works alone, but he is with other evil imaginary characters. He was alone, though, when he was in the Pentagon (probably because Al Gore said that ManBearPig roams the Earth alone).
  • In the scene following Stan and ManBearPig getting sucked into the portal, a bloody wound can be seen on the left side of Kyle's abdomen. However, when Cartman attempts to revive him, the wound and blood appear to have disappeared.
  • Mark Cotswolds was at the party, but Cartman didn't like him, so wouldn't invite him. However, Mark could of got the hang of insulting and other stuff like that, making Cartman like him.