Hitch hiker

The hitchhiker

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They all die.


  • When she is ghost riding the whip, the car drives by itself.
  • The mammogram doctor has posters of the inside of vaginas on his wall.
  • When the doctor comes back, the posters have moved.
  • When he picks up the hitchhiker, it is night time, when he does yard work, it is daytime, but he dies so it has to be after.
  • The Range Rover moves position when the black guy is going into his house place.
  • Shane gets hair cut, but when its done, its only styled, not shorter.
  • Shane is about to take a nap, he sleeps downstairs in pajamas, without a bed. In the start he had a bed in a bedroom, and he wore a Justin Bieber top.
  • Shane asks for the lights off. The only light there is daylight.