Random notesEdit

  • The smoking woman mentions doing DVDA, which is also Trey Parker and Matt Stone's band name.
  • The idea of people fighting in a Sushi bar owned by an asian man was used in South Park's "City Sushi" the owners both have a white waving cat.
  • In South Park's "Pandemic" and "Pandemic 2: The Startling" little furry pets are shown to be strong.


Mormon Joe Young is offered $20,000 to star in a movie. The only problem is, its a porno


  • When asking the heavenly father if he should act in the movie, there is an earthquake in his house. His Jesus falls down, but doesn't smash. The Jesus' head is smashed off after that.
  • Stunt Cock is brought in when the woman is about to suck Orgazmo's cock. When Stunt Cock comes in they are just fucking like pigs.
  • Someone is singing on a Kareoke machine, and it is only playing in the scene where it breaks, not even before. It is also in the scene where it is fixed.
  • After Fresh Sushi is partly destroyed, a broom appears in the oriental man's hand.
  • When the woman is on Orgazmo and his crime fighting buddy, she has knickers on. You can't fuck through underwear, so Choda Boy wouldn't be getting anywhere.
  • Orgazmo slaps one man, and defeats them both.
  • Joe works on number one three days. He was told it would take two days.
  • T-Rex tells Orgazmo that he has to make her cum. Only men can cum. Woman get wet.
  • On the dvd for Orgazmo 1 (the film in the film) there is no rating.
  • On one of the magazines it says Orgasmo.
  • Orgazmo dummy

    The dummy head goof

    G-Fresh is thrown against the wall, and you can easily identify it as a dummy.
  • G-Fresh's scars are replaced with a nose bleed when he is signing the contract.
  • The stunt cock is doing the assfuck twins in the vagina.
  • The dog disappears when Joe kicks the Security Guard.
  • Orgazmo boom head

    the squished head error

    When Joe kicks Jiz-master-0's actor, it is another dummy and the head exploads. In the next scene it is normal.
  • Jesus is happy at the end, but he didn't want Joe to act in it at the start.
  • The nurse goes from confused to normal without actually changing her expression.