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The internet runs out. Stan and his family head out to find some.


  • When Randy says they are all alone, it starts to back out in layers. When it goes to last layer, you can see in far right corner a large building that looks like the Wall-Mart or Jim's Drugs, which were both destroyed in the episode Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes.
  • Just after this, it says "Monday: 8 Days Without Internet", which means the first day without Internet was Sunday. This comes in contrast with Shelly saying the first day that she had to catch up with her boyfriend before school starts, so it couldn't be Sunday, unless it was Monday and next Monday was actually "The 8th day without Internet."
  • When Gerald is talking to Randy, Randy has no eyebrows. When Randy turns around, his eyebrows are back. This happens again when Randy is at the computer, but this time it is Sharon. Her nose also changes momentarily.