Rules for making and editing normal pagesEdit

Rules for making and editing episode/film/video/music pagesEdit

  • Only episodes/films/videos/music with goofs/errors on them should have pages on this wiki.
  • Jokes are not goofs
  • Errors that are made deliberately are not to go on errors or goofs. These are to go on the Random info section

Rules for making and editing episode/film/video/music character pagesEdit

  • Only characters involved with goofs/errors should have pages.
  • Just because they are important to the storyline of a film/episode doesn't mean they can have a page, unless they were in a goof/error.

Other RulesEdit

User Page ruleEdit

You can only edit your own page. No racism on user pages. The only time someone can edit another person's user page is if an admin spots something like racism on a different user's page, and gets rid of it.

How to become an adminEdit

All you need to do is do good editing, and if the admins think you are good enough, you can become an admin. The admins discuss it here.

Comedic Episodes/Films ruleEdit

Do not use the Comedic Episodes/Films category. Use the Comedic films/episodes category. The Comedic Episodes/FIlms category was a mistake.


Swearing is only exceptable on a page with swearing in the thing. Eg the s word isn't aloud on a Scooby Doo page, but is aloud on a South Park page.


In no way is racism aloud. You can't even write the N word if it says it in the episode.

Personal goofsEdit

If you want to post a goof that happened on your phone during a text or something, you first must add a picture of the text on a different website. We don't want a site full of personal experiences.

Goof removalEdit

In no circumstances can a goof be deleted. It needs to be talked about on the Goof Discussion page. If it then is made not a goof, than a line through it, with an explanation why it isn't a goof is needed next to it.