Vampire bats and scaredy cats

Random NotesEdit


There is a Vampire.


  • When Shaggy is holding the coffin his bone goes like this > which would make it harder to carry the coffin than it already was.
  • The saw disappears.
  • When the light is off, Shaggy's eyes have white background, but when they are on, it has skin color background.
  • Before the screen goes black, Velma says "YeWow!" then when it is the repeat, she tells daphne to wake up.
  • The picture of Lisa's grandfather changes in a few shots.
  • Cameras use mirrors, so a vampire wouldn't be seen in a picture, but he is.
  • Fred didn't know about Lisa trading rooms, yet he mentions the vampire not knowing about it.
  • Shaggy isn't standing on any pedals, but the car is moving.
  • The amount of burgers changes. It increases.
  • Scooby flying plate

    The hovering plate goof

    One of the plates is hovering.