The episode's icon. It has the hand out goof is there.

Weight Gain 4000 is the second episode of South Park.
Weight gain 4000

Cartman being a fat ass.


  • Mr Garrison's eyes come out his glasses multiple times when he is speaking to the class,
  • When Kyle is talking to Chef his mouth dissappears.
  • When Mr. Garrison recalls the talent show, his mouth dissappears.
  • Kenny has no gloves in the opening scene.
  • Chef calls The Mayor Mr. Mayor.
  • Mr. Garrison's gun keeps changing from wood to metal.
  • The Beefcake guy's hand comes out the scene.
  • Mr. Garrison's wrinkles dissappear when he asks Mr. Hat why he was looking at him like that.
  • Eye goof

    Eye goof

    Mr. Garrison's closed eyes are white in one mirror.