Random notesEdit


Stan meets some Christmas Critters.


  • Mousie and some other critters are seen going to the left and the right, but he, along with some other critters, is shown coming out or behind of the manger. However, since there was a scene transition, it is possible that during the transition they could have ran behind or sat behind the crib.
  • Before Stan goes to take the lion cubs to the abortion clinic, the critters say its Christmas Eve, then at the abortion clinic the doctor says there are three days until Christmas, then when the critters run into Kyle, they ask what he's doing all alone on Christmas Eve, all in the same day.
  • When Stan is building the manger for the woodland critters, it is nighttime and the racoon asks if they can go to sleep. However, he should not be tired because he is nocturnal (animals that stay up all night and sleep through the day) so it makes no sense that he would ask to go to sleep during nightime.